Fire Resistant Pouches

Our fire resistant pouches are produced from HOT-STOP® ‘L’, a fabric with a 2080ºF melting point. The facing of metalized aluminum/Mylar is an extremely efficient radiator of infrared radiant heat, reflecting 95% of the infrared seen in a typical residential fire. No product can offer 100% foolproof fire protection under all possible fire conditions, therefore we recommend our pouches be stored in a basement or lowest point in your home with the hook & loop flap down. The bottom drawer of a desk or a file cabinet would also be a suggested storage location. Storing your pouch with the flap down will protect the flap closure and allow the full face of the pouches’ reflective properties to perform at their best. We offer four standard sizes of fire resistant pouches, with or without a lining of vinyl coated polyester for additional moisture protection. The lining will not support combustion and is suggested for use when items with sharp edges will be stored. Our pouches are sold exclusively through authorized distributors.

Mini Pouch

5" x 5" x 1/2"

Cash Pouch

Inside dimensions: 9" x 5" x 1"

Document Pouch

Flat: 12-1/2" x 16-3/4"
Will expand to accept 3" x 8-1/2" x 11" documents

Large Pouch

Inside dimensions: 6" x 12" x 20"

Facing Specifications

A metalized aluminum surface has proven to be the most effective flexible barrier for stopping radiant (infrared) heat. The mirror-like surface reflects radiant heat away, rather than allowing it to be absorbed by the fabric.

Our mirror-like aluminized surface incorporates a proven five-layer structure which ensures a high level of abrasion resistance so that the fabric remains highly reflective after repeated use. The five layers consist of an outer layer of aluminum, protective film, a second layer of aluminum, heat stable adhesive and base fabric HOT-STOP® ‘L’. These layers combine to form a single fabric.

Following are the primary attributes mirror-like aluminized surface fabric has to offer:

  • Unique five layer structure for maximum reflectivity and durability
  • Most efficient high temperature barrier material
  • Reflects 95% of infrared heat

Specifications our fabrics can be tested to meet:

  1. NFPA 1976, Proximity Firefighters Outer Shell requirement
  2. NFPA 701, Flame Resistant Textiles, Films
  3. European Standard (EN) for Protective Clothing
  4. MIL-C-87076A
  5. MIL-C-24929A
  6. ASTM F955-85