Refractory Insulation/Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation, much like our other fireproof materials, is a commodity for applications in stoves, boilers, ducts, welding pads and kilns. We carry an assortment of thermal insulation materials, from our Nu-Board mineral fibers to our J-3000 refractory mortar. Our thermal insulation products ultimately work to combat the negative effects of consistently high temperatures. As with everything in our product line, IEP offers fabrication services to customize all of our refractory insulation and thermal insulation.

Kaowool® (RTM of Thermal Ceramics Co.)

  • Alumina-silica ceramic fiber that be used in 2300°F temperatures with little physical change to the material
  • Excellent with a variety of applications like die cutting, furnace insulation, expansion joints, boilers and steam lines
  • Kaowool is available as a blanket, board, foam, paper and in bulk quantities

Kaowool is a trademark of Thermal Ceramics Co.


  • Available in original Nu-Board or Super Nu-Board
  • Original Nu-Board can withstand up to 1800°F and Super Nu-Board can withstand up to 2300°F
  • Strong, thin, dense board that offers superior compression resistance and insulation capability
  • Used in furnace linings, elevator shafts, incinerators, aluminum applications, ceilings and walls exposed to high temperatures, etc.
  • Easily die cut, low thermal conductivity, great thermal shock resistance, excellent compression resistance

R&R (Removable & Reusable Blankets)

  • Thermal insulation blankets made with HOT-STOP fabrics
  • Offers long-term performance, maintaining its utility through many outages
  • Used extensively by the general industry and quickly becoming the standard in the power, chemical and marine industries


  • Pre-Mixed refractory mortar with resistance to high heat environments
  • Easily manageable and workable, with great bond strength
  • Applied often in power plants or other industrial buildings that have the potential for higher temperatures
thermal insulation materials
refractory insulation materials
thermal insulation materials
refractory insulation materials